How many tigers are there in Jim Corbett National Park?

How many tigers are there in Jim Corbett National Park?

Anjali Apr 7, 2020 Articles

Jim Corbett national park is the oldest national park in Asia which also makes it one of the most famous parks in Asia. In a report unprecedented in its detail, the Wildlife Institute of India finds out that among 44 tiger reserves of the country, Corbett Tiger Reserve has the maximum number of 215 tigers.

Jim Corbett believed in the conservation of the ecosystem and wildlife, especially tigers and that is why Jim Corbett National Park was chosen as the venue for the inauguration of 'Save the tigers' project in India.

The project tiger was launched in 1973. The basic intention of Project Tiger is to maintain the ecological balance of nature and conserve extant ecosystems.

Jim Corbett National Park was the first Tiger Reserve under the project in India.

Also, it is an ideal home for many majestic animals like the Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Elephant, and an extraordinary variety of many other wild animals and reptiles.

Jim Corbett National Park tops in the number of tigers compared to all the other tiger reserves in India.

Tigers in Dhikala

This zone is regarded as the king for sighting Tigers. If opting Canter Safari then there are no restrictions. This is the most popular zone for Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett. So make sure to book your slots in advance.

The best time to visit this zone is from 15 November to 15 June. You have the option to explore this zone via Canter Safari or Jeep Safari.

Always remember if you’re visiting this zone and want to experience Jungle Safari via Jeep then you should also arrange a night stay at one of the Dhikala forest rest house as it is mandatory for a person to do a night stay in this zone.

Tigers in Bijrani

After Dhikala, Bijrani is the second most popular for spotting Tigers. It is just 4 km from the main city. Visitors have the option to explore this zone via jeep without having to stay the night. Thus Jeep Safari in Bijrani is the best option to explore “Flora” and “Fauna” of the jungle. The jeep safari rides cost Rs. 3000-4500 for 6 people depending upon the availability.

You will be mesmerized with the views you will see while traveling through this beautiful place.

Animals you might have a chance to see in these zones are the Royal Bengal Tigers, leopards, Asiatic elephants, sloth bears, and king cobras. The best time to visit this zone is from 15 Oct – 15 June.

Tigers in Jhirna

There are around 8-10 tigers in this zone which you can easily sight during your safari.

Situated at the southern edge of the Corbett Reserve Park, the Jhirna tourism zone offers some exclusive tiger and sloth bear sighting along with the spectacular view of the landscape which is pretty rich in wildlife.

Jhirna Zone is one of the popular zones among the six eco-tourism zones in the Corbett National Park. The Corbett National Park is divided into the six tourism zone among which the Jhirna zone is added much later in 1994.

Due to being operational throughout the year for the wildlife safari in contrary to other zones that are closed during the monsoon season (except the Dhela zone), the Jhirna zone witnesses many footfalls all-round the year.

Tigers in Dhela

Dhela Zone is the sixth eco-tourism zone of Corbett National Park that was brought on India’s tourism map in 2014. The zone is 20 kilometers from the Ramnagar.

This zone doesn’t have that much quantity of tiger as compared to other zones but you not be disappointed with this zone as it has a lot of surprises to offer to you.

It boasts of rich natural vegetation & wildlife. Along with abundant flora and bird population, Dhela Zone has a good population of tigers, bears, elephants and leopards. For safari, there are overall two trails giving tourists an opportunity to stroll around three to four km in the wild.

The main attraction of the zone is Laldhang, a grassland where one can spot wild pigs.

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