Maulik Mansion Resort, Dhikuli, Uttarakhand

Maulik Mansion Resort, Dhikuli, Uttarakhand

Maulik Mansion Resort & Hotel does dream of the oldest wildest sanctuary in India where we take pride with promising memorable journeys within our life.

With the calm greenery and scenery where there are chirping of birds does come in with poetic isolation. Maulik Mansion does serve with the latest amenities within a remote place where it is more within the modernity.

Maulik Mansion is located with an array where there are different birds easily spotted in the mornings and evenings. Bird gazers will not venture fulfilling their pursuit.

About Maulik Mansion Resort

A blend of modernism and verdancy does serve in aiming our guests where one does offer an experience which is enriched with wildlife lovers and seekers of solitude. There are people suitable for long term and short term does come with varied packages where it is easily accessible through road from nearby villages and railway stations for couples as well as families.

Maulik Mansion Hotel does serve as a tree-house where there is jungle which is dreamed of. However, there is an periphery with the oldest wildlife sanctuary in India, within promising one of the most memorable journeys of your life.

Maulik Mansion Resort does come serving restaurants, an outdoor swimming pool, and fitness centre. The parking options do serve as guests where Maulik Mansion Resort.

Tourist Attraction

There are tourist attractions which include Kosi River (2.3 km), Garjiya Devi Temple (2.4 km), Garjia Devi Temple (2.4 km) & Corbett Falls.

There are top room amenities which includes kitchenette, mini-bar, and air-conditioning. Guests do enjoy on-site restaurant, breakfast, and complimentary tea within the stay. There are restaurants which do include Barbeque Bay, Moustache Café, and Village Vatika Restaurant. Guests enjoy an on-site restaurant, breakfast, and complimentary tea during their stay.

Maulik Mansion Resort does have a restaurant where there is presence of an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and a lounge.

The following are the activities and services where one services Maulik Mansion Resort:

  1. Nightclub/DJ
  2. Spa Facilities
  3. Foot bath
  4. Fitness
  5. Live music/performance
  6. Spa and wellness centre
  7. Hot tub/jacuzzi
  8. Fitness centre
  9. Children’s playground
  10. Billiards
  11. Karaoke

The prices at Maulik Mansion do vary depending on your stay where they set prices through entering dates. The check-in and check-out time usually is from 12:00 until 11:00 the next day. The current services do make a present where there is an augmentation within the course of time where innovative services are introduced.

There are popular amenities where there are free wifi, pool, and on-site restaurant present. Hence there are hotels which excel with a provision of comfortable stay within the reach of guests with a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, fitness centre and a lounge.

Maulik Mansion Resort where a tree-house is present and is always dreamt of. However, there are peripheries where the oldest wildlife sanctuary in India takes pride in.

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Maulik Mansion Resort, Dhikuli, Uttarakhand

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