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About Let’s Go Corbett.

We are a team of engineering graduates who love Jim Corbett National Park. In the last one year we’ve been to Corbett eight times, so that’s roughly once every month. So I think you would understand.

Idea behind Let’s Go Corbett

As we travel to Jim Corbett a lot, we always felt like we’re being overly charged by the hotels who would book the jeep safari for us. We have ended up paying over Rs. 5,000 bucks for one time day safari. We for the first few times had to get our jeep booked from hotels and trust me that’s definitely not the way you should be booking your jeep safari. That’s when we started to think of some other ways of booking your safari. We searched online and spoke to some thirty odd tour operators and we again faced a lot of trouble. Out of those thirty operators, there were only a few who gave us good offers and rest all were charging even more than what the hotels guys charged us.

So that’s when something struck me and I decided to find an answer to this issue, which I would think would be a big issue for others as well. So that’s when the idea of this website came. We’re working directly with the best tour operators from Jim Corbett who would give the best price offer to our esteemed guests. Now you don’t have to worry about going through a lot of trouble while booking your jeep safari. We’re doing all the hard work, so that you can just relax and enjoy your lovely trip.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a market place for the tour operators and open the gates for them where they can enlist their vehicles and anybody could book it, right then and there.

This platform will not only help the tour operators & jeep owners but it will also bring in more transparency into the system of a totally unorganised sector which is still unexplored.

We would love your support as well, so please give us one chance to host you at Jim Corbett.


  • If you're a tour operator or a jeep owner from Jim Corbett you can connect with us at [email protected]
  • If you've any question regarding the website you can email us at [email protected]

Our Team

Anjali Tiwari

Anjali is an Electronics Engineer with a passion to travel. She's an avid traveller and loves to make new friends. Her love for travel has resulted in building this website possible.

Rajesh Rawat

Rajeev is a widlife naturalist from Ramnagar and is born & brought up in Ramnagar just next to the Jim Corbett National Park. He's been into wildlife conservation & hosting guests for over 20 years.

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