LGC Original Jade Plant


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✔Brings good Luck and good Fortune.
✔Feng shui approved, indoor plant perfect for decor.
✔Easy to maintain with the included self watering pot
✔Low maintenance and perfect for office, living room and study table
✔A terrific gift for your friends and colleagues. Treat yourself too!

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You’ve been looking for a plant that looks good, is easy to care for, and requires very little maintenance? Meet the Jade Plant. Bring the luck of the jade plant into your space!

This is the perfect plant for home decor, as it’s easy to care for and can survive extended periods of neglect. The watering requirement for this plant is generally just once a week, which makes it perfect for low-maintenance people like you and me.

You don’t have to wait for good luck to come knocking on your door. With its thick branches and tiny leaves, this plant will bring it with you daily. It’s a Feng Shui-approved way that brings good luck & well-being to your home or office.

This live plant with pot features a small ceramic pot that comes in a set. It’s perfect for any space, as it likes to grow indoors and needs little to no care.

Your plant gets the best possible care with this pot. We’ve designed this pot to be self-watering, so you can be worry-free about watering it. The reservoir of the pot is where excess water is stored, which does the trick of giving your plants water as needed and lessening your water burden.

This Good Luck Jade Plant pot comes with short pots, so you can have that perfect desktop decor and still maintain a healthy plant.

Enhance your decor with this beautiful Jade plant set that comes in a ceramic pot. This is an elegant but practical plant for an office or living room. It will provide not only a touch of green to your space but also good luck and freshness. This is a perfect gift for your friends and colleagues or to treat yourself!