Corbett Wild Iris Spa & Resort, Kyari Kham, Uttarakhand

Corbett Wild Iris Spa & Resort, Kyari Kham, Uttarakhand

Corbett Wild Iris Spa & Resort welcomes you to the wonders of the tropical jungle. This is a journey experience unlike any other with thick natural trees, a mango orchard, a magical chorus of forest birds. In a scenic area near nature, IRIS is situated. This is where you can appreciate the pure beauty of the wild.

IRIS Spa & Resorts with 43 main facilities is one of the favourite resorts in Powalgarh, the Corbett Tiger Reserve range of recreation and business travellers with the most trendy and high-quality interiors, d├ęcor, and facilities. This is where visitors can enjoy the pristine beauty and enchanting natural environment of the city.

At IRIS, they do not limit “luxury” to a friendly setting, trendy designs and gourmet meals. Still, we are assured that we can deliver a memorable experience with greater pleasure.

Facilities in Corbett Wild Iris Spa & Resort

The 43 spacious rooms/cottages of IRIS SPA AND RESORTS. Every cabin has a private room with a different elevation and panorama of the beautiful lawns. — The guest room features a bouquet of contemporary luxury, including a double bed, a dining room with a coffee table, HD satellite TV, an open balcony, and a splendidly decorated bathroom.

Relax with a dip in the lukewarm blue water in the shower. Ideally situated in the green surroundings to help you relax.

Select from the beautiful memories and monuments seen in the Nature Shop. You may also take exciting products and herbal cosmetics from local handicrafts.

The Corbett Wild Iris Spa & Resort which is located in Kyari Kham, Uttarakhand, provides different opportunities for indoor and outdoor games for all. With the pool table, table tennis, volleyball, softball cricket, water polo, carom, chess and much more, you will enjoy and relax. There’s even an outstanding fitness trail in the village.

You will feel the beauty of nature lovers in the vicinity of Kyari Village, ranging from rejuvenating birds to discovering untouched forest. On the guided village walk you can connect with the local people and appreciate the joy of working there every day, whether farming or constructing homes. Their work is straightforward.

IRIS spa & resort is committed to “participate, learn, interact and meet people interested in lifestyle agriculture.”

They welcome the soul, Mr Amar Rana, to the Iris Spa & Resorts at night.

Whatever the weather, Amar Rana is always equipped with his mysterious voice to build a mood for you. Whether you sing together with him or dance on his numbers, in the sense of good calming music, you are bound to lose yourself. A karaoke night is scheduled once every two days for you and your loved ones.

Cycling involves free-standing bike trips rather than activities for fun, adventure and autonomy.

Commuting or workout. Participants ride along gentle roads through foothill towns and farmlands, along forest streams with somewhat tricky paths, and can make the best possible view of nature and the environment.

Here is a cord from one end of the river to the other that is tied to the rope and which crosses the water. One comes back from the different set of parallel cords, standing on a line and holding the separate line.

It gives multiple people of every age and ability the chance to get into a safe environment.

Be prepared to swim with the wave and allow the current motion to carry you. Ironically, you can control yourself much like the fun seals during body surfing. So long as you want, you can ride the wave, but you must streamline your body.

Think tall, audacious and plentiful. Perched in the natural tranquillity with views of the birds, the dry river bed and snowy forest from the 1st-floor suites. Keeping the modern traveller’s needs in mind, our Tusker suites are fully fitted room is decorated with style, and has comfortable sitting areas. Additional facilities are connected to the master suite, including a powder room etc. A beautifully spacious bedroom with an electric fireplace of your own. Relax in the cubical bath/dusk, in finely built bathrooms.

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Corbett Wild Iris Spa & Resort, Kyari Kham, Uttarakhand

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