Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari

Jim Corbett National Park – Elephant Safari

If you want to get away from all the non-eco-friendly rides available you always have the option to switch to the eco-friendly ride in the Jim Corbett national park which is the Jim Corbett elephant safari.

This is the third option you’ll get in the Jim Corbett park apart from the jeep safari and the canter safari.

You won’t get the vast options available in other safari rides in different aspects like timings, seats and area coverage but still, it is an amazing experience seeing the beauty of Jim Corbett at the back of an elephant.

You might get a view of some rare species of flora and fauna on this planet.

Elephant Safari in Jim Corbett

When you arrive at Dhikala/Bijrani the most wonderful and natural picturesque region can enlighten your mood.

Elephant safari in the open grassland is just a dream come true for a nature lover person. The elephant safari offers a chance to explore the wildlife very closely.

You can capture the eye-opening views that nature has to offer. You won’t regret your decision about taking this elephant safari at the Jim Corbett national park. Experience this all with your family and loved ones.

You can book your spot online way before your travelling dates to experience this wonderful safari ride to avoid any troubles and disappointments.

Jim Corbett Elephant Safari Online Booking Price

You don’t want to miss out on this amazing elephant safari at the Jim Corbett national park. But if you haven’t booked it before your travel chances are you can miss out just because of the huge demand at this Asia’s oldest park.

In this safari ride, the rates are the same for both Indians and Foreigners as an elephant can hold up to four people at a time and can you cost you around INR 3500 per elephant.

The prices listed for each Jim Corbett Elephant safari ride include the Driver, Permit, Guide Charges, and Service Charge. So no additional cost is added once the booking is confirmed.

Jim Corbett Elephant Safari in Dhikala Zone

Dhikala zone named after the large Dhikala grassland which is the largest grassland in the Corbett Reserve landscape.

Apart from the tigers and elephants, the zone is home to a large number of varied wild fauna which consists of leopards, spotted deer, sambhar deer, hog deer, langurs, wild boars, crocodiles, and many other animals and reptiles.

Baby Elephant

You can enjoy the beauty of these species in an elephant safari in the Dhikala zone of Jim Corbett national park.

If you are travelling in a small group of four don’t miss this amazing safari ride with your loved ones in the Dhikala zone.

Jim Corbett Elephant Safari in Bijrani Zone

Elephant safari is the option for an environment-friendly ride at Jim Corbett’s. But it has some zone limitations in that it is only available in some specific zones of Jim Corbett national park.

Bijrani zone is considered the best zone after the Dhikala zone to spot the tiger. You can discover the beauty of the Bijrani zone on an elephant safari ride.

To visit the Bijrani zone, you have to obtain an entry permit for the Jim Corbett elephant safari.

You can book your safari entry permit through an online portal, a maximum of 45 days in advance or you can book the same day safari from the forest office in the Ramnagar.

The Jim Corbett elephant safari is only available in the Bijrani and Dhikala zones and is subject to availability as there are limited numbers of elephants used for the safari ride. Don’t miss the opportunity to have an elephant safari ride.

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