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Night Stay in Jim Corbett National Park

The night stay is available in all the zones of the Jim Corbett National Park which are Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirna, Sonanadi, Durgadevi & Dhela.

It is always good to book safari and forest rooms at Jim Corbett national park in advance before visiting here so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience here.

Staying inside the forest in the forest houses is highly popular among wildlife lovers so it is impossible to get any vacant room on the spot without any prior booking.

Satiate your love for the wildlife at this place and spend one or two days in the forest house to get the adventurous feel of being a part of the forest. You will never forget that experience in your life.

Dhikala Night Stay

In order to stay at night in the Dhikala Forest Guest House, the Indian visitors have to book the accommodation in Dhikala Forest Lodge 46 days in advance and the Foreigners have to book the accommodation 91 days in advance.

It is said that wildlife trip to India is incomplete if you have not visited Dhikala Forest Lodge. You don’t want to be the one missing it.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, the wildlife tour to Dhikala in Corbett National Park will keep you busy as it is home to many species of mammals and reptiles and it could be an opportunity for you to see the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Bijrani Night Stay

Exploring the Bijrani Zone of the Corbett Reserve Park could be the soul-stirring experience for wildlife enthusiasts. The night stay at the forest rest house at Bijrani is open for tourists only from 15th Nov to 14th June every year.

Two forest guest houses are situated within the Bijrani zone; one is the Bijrani forest guest house and the other is the Malani forest guest house.

Bijrani is one of the major zones of the Corbett reserve park and not a little less adventurous spot than the famous Dhikala zone.

Though this forest guest house is located almost 9 km inside the forest from the nearby town Ram Nagar lodging and dining here are fairly good.

Stay in Jhirna FRH

Jhirna zone is one of the tourism zones of the most illustrious tiger reserve of Jim Corbett Reserve Park. Located on the southern edge of the Corbett reserve forest, the Jhirna zone is the home to a large variety of flora and fauna.

There is only one forest lodge in the Jhirna zone with 4 rooms which are available for tourists to stay at night. But you can book a maximum of 2 rooms at a time for a maximum of 3 nights at a stretch. All the rooms have a double bed in it with having the attached bathroom.

Being located in the core of the Jungle, the dining facility in Jhirna guest house is limited.

Stay in Dhela FRH

Dhela is the newest Eco-tourism zone that was opened for tourists in December 2014. This Ecotourism zone remains open for tourists throughout the year. Also, you can have a warm and pleasant night stay in this zone of Jim Corbett national park.

This zone is extremely rich in flora and fauna. The area is particularly rich in bird diversity.

Dhela guest house has a sprawling campus. But the availability of rooms is limited to one. It has the availability of restaurant and canteen. You can book your spot in the online process.

You can choose from different options of night stays in different zones in the Jim Corbett national park. Enrich your night experience by staying inside the Jim Corbett national park.

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Night Stay

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