Best zone in Jim Corbett for tiger sighting

Best zone in Jim Corbett for tiger sighting

Anjali Apr 11, 2020 Articles

The best zone to visit for tiger sighting and safari tours in Jim Corbett National Park are the Bijrani safari zone, Dhikala Safari Zone and Dhela Safari Zone. The jeep safari tours are allowed in two shifts one in the morning & one in the evening inside the Corbett tiger reserve in all of the tourism zones.

Jim Corbett national park is the oldest national park in Asia which also makes it one of the most famous parks in Asia. Jim Corbett National Park was the first Tiger Reserve under the project in India.

Also, it is an ideal home for many majestic animals like the Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Elephant, and an extraordinary variety of many other wild animals and reptiles.

The Corbett tiger reserve boasts of being the home to around 200 tigers, a high density of big cats in comparison to other tiger reserves in the country.

The park is divided into five zones namely the Dhikala, the Jhirna, the Bijrani, the Domunda, and the Sonanadi.

So to be specific, there are two zones that are considered best for Jeep Safari, Dhikala, Bijrani. Both the zones have 90% chances of spotting Tigers. You can also spot some in the Dhela zone.

Dhikala Zone

Dhikala is the core zone that gives you an enthralling experience of exploring deep Jungle in Corbett. The entry gate of this zone is Dhangari. And this zone is regarded as the king for sighting Tigers.

You have the option to explore this zone via Canter Safari or Jeep Safari. Always remember if you’re visiting this zone and want to experience Jungle Safari via Jeep then you should also arrange a night stay in one of the Dhikala forest rest house as it is mandatory for a person to do a night stay in this zone.

If opting Canter Safari then there are no restrictions. This is the most popular zone for Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett. So make sure to book your slots in advance.

The best time to visit this zone is from 15 November to 15 June.

Bijrani Zone

After Dhikala, Bijrani is the second most popular for spotting Tigers. The Amdanda is the entry gate to enter the Bijrani zone. It is just 4 km from the main city. Visitors have the option to explore this option via jeep.

Thus Jeep Safari in Bijrani is the best option to explore “Flora” and “Fauna” of the jungle. The jeep safari rides cost Rs 3000-4500 for 6 people depending on the season.

The best time to visit this zone is from 15 Oct – 15 June.

Animals you might have a chance to see in these zones are Bengal Tigers, leopards, Asiatic elephants, sloth bears, and king cobras.

After considering both the zones. You can go with the Bijrani zone for your jeep jungle safari experience. As you can choose any stay option as per your convenience.

And if you badly want to go for the Dhikala zone. You should choose Canter Safari over Jeep Safari.

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