Jhirna Forest Rest House

Overview: About Jhirna Forest Rest House

Jhirna Zone is a southern zone of the Jim Corbett National Park which is near the Dhela Village.

Even Entry gate for this Zone is Dhela Gate which is located on the periphery of Dhela Village which is 20kms from Ramnagar, Uttrakhand.

Entry Gate for this Zone and Dhela Zone is same. Jhirna Forest Rest House has a very beautiful landscape and you can see nature and peace at their best here.

This zone Single Forest Rest House is named Jhirna Forest Rest House which consists of 2 double bedrooms so if you are a peace and privacy lover then this zone is the best zone to stay in.

This zone has a large population of sloth bears and wild elephants which can be seen throughout the year, you can also spot some tigers here if you are lucky.

sloth bear

The speciality of this zone is that it is open throughout the year(depending on weather conditions). Jhirna zone topography consists of deciduous and secondary forest grasslands.

This zone has open and comparatively shorter grassland than other zones due to which there is good visibility of wild animals and tigers.

Accommodation in Jhirna Forest Rest House

The FRH available at Jhirna are listed as follows:-
Jhirna Forest Rest HouseFood & Other Services :Jhirna Forest Rest House

In this zone FRH’s premises there’s not any restaurant availability but there you will get a cook with all the utensils, stove and gas available in a kitchen.

You have to provide raw material to the cook and he will prepare you the meals whatever you ask for.

Note:- You will only get vegetarian food inside the National Park because Non-Veg food is not allowed inside the Park.

Jhirna Forest Rest House Flora & Fauna

Jhirna zone flare mainly consists of large open grasslands Chaur. It has dry deciduous type secondary forest when it comes to its topography.

Jhirna has some stream beds inside the zone which are natural, and warm and you can explore them if you like and if you are in the right season for exploring them.

The advantage of stream bed exploration is that there may be cliff edges along with some streams due to which you can enjoy bird sightings with great visibility.


Due to open grassland, this zone proves to give you a better sighting of a tiger with great visibility, so if you are a wildlife enthusiast then this zone seems to be a must visit for you.

How to Reach Jhirna Forest Rest House

You can go for the Jhirna zone via Dhela gate which is located 20kms from Ramnagar, Uttrakhand. The entry timing to Jhirna Zone from Dhela gate starts at 10:00 AM and stops at 4:00 PM.

Best time to Plan Your Visit to Jhirna Forest Rest House

In the winter season(October-February)
You will spot a variety of beautiful and unseen birds. For Bird lovers, this is the dream time of the year as you can see many unseen birds.

In the monsoon season(July-September)
You should not visit the National park during this period of the year cause weather will not be favourable and there will be road blockages due to rain which will make it impossible to make it through dense Forest.

But if the weather condition is good then you can visit this time also cause Jhirna is open throughout the year.

In Summer Season(March-June)
This time of year which includes March to mid of June is called the summer season in our country.

In the summer season, the temperature gets very high as in day time, the temperature may go up to 40 degrees c.

So if you can enjoy your stay in the jungle without air conditioning, a cooler and all the luxurious items then this is also a beautiful season to visit and spot tigers.

Open and Close Timing of Jhirna:- Jhirna is open throughout the year, you can visit according to the weather and road conditions of the park.

Zone Map

jhirna zone

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