Pakhro Forest Rest House

Overview: About Pakhro Forest Rest House

Accommodation: Pakhro Forest Rest House

The FRHs available at Pakhro are listed as following:-
1. Pakhro FRH It has 2 double bed rooms available with all the basic amenities.
2. Morghatti FRH It has 2 double bed rooms available with all the basic amenities.

There are all basic amenities(electricity by Solar panels and water etc) available in this FRHs but if you are looking for a luxury break then you will be disappointed and it would be better if you book your stay outside of National Park in a luxury Resort.

Also, there is not good reception of any cellular networks inside the National Park and you will not be provided any Wi-fi facility. Please keep these things in mind while visiting the National Park(especially while having a night stay).

Food & Other Services: Pakhro Forest Rest House

In this zone FRH’s premises there’s not any restaurant availability but there you will get a cook with all the utensils, stove and gas available in a kitchen. You have to provide raw material to the cook and he will prepare you the meals whatever you ask for.

Note:- You will only get vegetarian food inside the National Park because Non-Veg food is not allowed inside the Park.

Pakhro Forest Rest House Flora & Fauna

The plant life of the Zone is rich in different species of Sal, Sheesham, Semal, Bakli, Aonla, Jamun, Kanthber, Figs and along with medicinal plants and some endangered species of Herbs and Shrubs.

Some most found wild animals in this FRH zone are Leopard, Sambhar, Cheetal, Barking Deer, Wild Boar, Goral, Otter, Porcupine, Yellow-Throated Marten and Sloth Bear.


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