Top 100 Wildlife Blogs to follow if You’re an Enthusiast

Anjali Mar 22, 2022 Articles

The planet earth is full of beauty that excites and thrills you. Of all the things that a person may be passionate about, his greatest source of awe-inspiring magnificence is the wildlife in nature.

Wildlife gives countless surprises, twists and turns through its allure varieties of flora and fauna that simply compel you to experience this beauty of nature.

This article provides a meticulous list of top 100 blogs to follow if you’re a wildlife enthusiast, to escape from hustle and bustle of a vivid, enthralling world.

Read them and we are sure it will be convenient for you to plan your next trip soon ahead or take part in wildlife conservation.

Wildlife Blogs

Tiger Safari: The blog provides you with all the information you need to change your perspective of the jungle land and also gives you an idea about the conservative efforts that can be made to lessen the declining number of tigers.

Wildlife Zones: The blog is the perfect place for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Managed by three passionate travellers, this blog presents you with their travel experiences to nature and wildlife places in the form of articles.

Walk the Wilderness: This is an ideal blog for those wildlife lovers who do not get actual time to experience the real wilderness through pictures. The blog covers the rich flora and fauna of Africa, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Rathika Ramaswamy: Ramaswamy has been the first woman wildlife photographer in India and her wildlife blog is something that you must check out. The blog covers bird photography and other wild species in their natural habitat.

Creative Praveen: This is an India based blog, managed by a nature and wildlife photographer. The blog posts videos specializing in the Himalayan region of India.

Wild Online: It is a British wildlife and photography blog that features ideas on where to photograph wildlife and news on events and wildlife in the UK.

Travel4Wildlife: The blog offers to give you experience the chance to see the little surprises the world has to offer. It covers a lot of beautiful pictures and stories of wildlife sightings and encounters.

Lancashire Wildlife Blogs: This is a blog that itself contains information about other blogs by collating the details about them that feature the wildlife in Lancashire. This helps you to look for all the wildlife blogs in just one place.

Incidental Naturalist: This blog gives you a breathtaking experience by covering all the amazing you with all the wildlife encounters. One might not be incorrect to say from experience that the blog is life-changing.

Bloomsbury Wildlife: A blog that reads like a diary is convenient and interesting for the readers. One of these days, you might also find yourself encountering wildlife and seeing how beautiful the world is.

Pete Cooper Wildlife: The blog is written in a voice so undeniable personal and authentic that it somehow manages to turn wildlife into something that feels like home.

James Common: James Common’s blog covers every aspect and element that brings to your mind, the fondest memories of wildlife. The blog shares quality content and is counted among the best wildlife blogs.

Wildlife Kate: As a wildlife blog, Wildlife Kate has all the basics covered and even more. It presents you the amazing photography, articles, and the opportunity to realize the importance and begin your efforts.

Wildlife Gadgetman: The blog is a reliable guide for all things about wildlife and how to better capture your encounters with them through your gadgets. It is your one-stop shop for a better wildlife experience.

Craig Jones Wild Photography: The blog features photographs that perfectly reflect nature’s beauty and capture the story behind the mark of Craig Jones and his commitments toward wildlife that keeps you awe-struck.

East Yorkshire Wildlife: This blog presents to you all the beautiful creatures that reside in East Yorkshire. The wildlife photographs you will find on this blog are truly beyond compare. It keeps you aware and sensitive towards wildlife at the same time.

Forest of Bowland Wildlife Blogs: This blog has a database of all the available blogs that talks about the same topic or niche. It collects details of all other wildlife blogs and brings for you to explore much better.

Focusing on Wildlife: This Switzerland based blog tends to celebrate the biodiversity of planet earth with leading articles from their global team of wildlife authors and best wildlife photographers.

The Guardian-Wildlife: This blog presents you with some top updated stories with special features. It also provides live blogs and much more on wildlife and Mother Nature.

National Wildlife Refuge Association: The blog aims to conserve American wildlife for future generations by protecting, and enhancing the wildlife habitats beyond its boundaries that secure its ecological integrity.

Big Cats India: Big Cat is a wildlife blog that seeks to provide details about cats in India and Tiger safari information about the national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reserves of India.

Wildlife Impulse: Wildlife Impulse is a wildlife blog for wildlife enthusiasts who are also passionate about wildlife conservation. It presents wildlife articles about a variety of topics.

Tigers4Ever: The blog was created to give wild tigers a wild future in India. The ultimate goal is to protect wild tigers from extinction by eliminating tiger deaths due to poaching, poisoning or retaliatory attacks.

Wild Service: It seeks to expand the knowledge of the wild in others by creating awareness of animals and plants to keep them secured against any threats from humans.

Love wildlife become wild lover: This blog provides you with wildlife secrets and facts about the Satpura Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. You can also find information about birds, mammals, reptiles and other wildlife.

Avon Wildlife Trust: The blog is about the largest local charity working to protect wildlife in Avon, UK. It promotes campaign on issues which threaten wildlife and create awareness about environmental protection.

FFON: Frightened Face of Nature is one of the natural history wildlife blogs written by easy-going naturalists for anyone who enjoys watching nature and wildlife.

Gwent Wildlife Trust blogs: Created as a foremost local organization for the protection of wildlife and enhancement of landscapes in Gwent, this blog speaks up for wildlife and inspires others to discover the joys of nature.

WILDLIFE: This blog of The Centre for Wildlife Studies provides insights into the areas of wildlife research, in situ conservation, policy and education.

Chester Zoo: It is a registered conservation and education charity. Its blog provides you with insights about ideas to prevent the extinction of species all around the world.

Wild Animals in Wild Lands: This wildlife animal blog features wild adventures, wild animals, Travel destinations and the environment. Visit the blog to read their latest posts on wildlife.

Ireland’s Wildlife: If you wish to get closer to the wild side of Ireland and learn about it with great articles, reviews, and species profiles and wildlife experiences, must pay a visit to the blog.

Wildlife Habitat Council: The blog is Washington, DC based that features news and stories about the wildlife habitat council and their member’s conservation projects on wildlife.

THE WILDLIFE: The blog is managed by travel journalists and photographers with a focus on wildlife, wild places and wildlife as world nomads. They share travel tips and show the beauty of nature refuges in words and photography.

Edin Whitehead: Managed by a New Zealand photographer, this blog features his adventures with wildlife. The blog updates every Sunday with photography and adventure stories, as well as tips and tutorials.

General Blogs

The Deskbound Birder: The blog aims to provide an account of the birding as well as photos from trips across the world.

Africa Media Academy: Its blog is about a renowned media training company driven by a commitment to build the next generation of wildlife and environmental media specialists.

Tim Laman’s Wildlife Diaries: Managed by Tim Laman, a wildlife photojournalist this blog documents earth biodiversity in the rain forests, and coral reefs especially focusing on endangered and threatened habitats around the world.

Meandering Wild-Wildlife: This blog features a patchwork of adventures, photographs and thoughts collected while meandering around the world.

Saevus Blog: The blog is for Saevus Natural History and Wildlife Photography magazine and portal. It features exclusive wildlife photography and natural history reportage.

Indian Biodiversity Talk: The team of bloggers continues to put their efforts into the care and conservation of wildlife. You can find all the news, research and talks on biodiversity and the environment, especially in India on this blog.

Huchchara Santhe: This is an ideal blog for travel junkies and nature lovers. You can follow this blog to take part and experience their adventurous activities. You can go through his journey that will lead you to the road less travelled, oceans, mountains and.

India’s endangered: Today many species are indeed standing on the verge of extinction. This blog will tell you all about the endangered species of India and tries to spread awareness for steps to be taken to conserve animals.

Incidental Naturalist: The blog is passionate about Mother Nature and its conservation. It gives a bucket list of experiences of travel through various wild destinations and shares them on the blog.

Earthy Matters: The blog gives you a glimpse of the Himalayas and all the quirks and surprises the mountains dole out. You can find all about wildlife behaviour, flora, sky and earth, and people and their stories on the blog.

Brian’s birding blog: The blog provides details and stories of the trips enjoyed by an avid birder in real lives across the world. If you are an enthusiast of bird sightseeing, you must pay a visit to the blog.

Art in Nature: The blog is about creative nature photography by Floris van Breugel. Explore the blog to view beautiful landscapes and wildlife images. This blog features the purchase of fine art prints, and signing up for workshops.

Tour planning blogs

Wild Navigator: If you are looking for a travel guide that can give you an enjoyable and memorable experience, this blog is perfect for you. They do tour planning to exotic locations and personalize it so that you never leave with regret.

Travel for Wildlife Blog: The blog focuses on ethical wildlife tourism and seeks to offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy the wildlife without harming them and their habitat. They post photographs, videos and articles from their travel adventures.

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust: The blog works towards an environment rich in wildlife for everyone. It manages over 70 nature reserves throughout Worcestershire to protect and enhance wildlife.

Brigit Strawbridge: This UK based blog tries to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and other important issues such as animal rights, permaculture, sustainable living and much more.

India Wildlife Tour Packages: The blog drives you to take wildlife appealing and adventurous tours. It offers a wildlife package that combines magnificent wildlife and picturesque landscape for you to experience.

BE ON THE ROAD: It is one of the top travel blogs in India that plans wildlife holidays among others. It is perfect for those wildlife enthusiasts who are looking for cheap and efficient travel and wish to explore wildlife in India.

Terra Incognita: The blog seeks to promote the best examples of ecotourism worldwide. The collate lists of tour providers who help conserve nature, educate their guests and have adventures.

Thomson Safaris: The blog keeps you updated about the safaris news and promos. It further plans safaris booking and accommodation for you to explore the heart of the Tanzanian wilderness.

Good Nature Travel: Tagged as the official travel blog of Natural habitat adventure, this blog features travel tips and tales, nature photography, news about the natural world and thoughts from accomplished writers.

Tusk Photo: The blog specializes in photographic safaris and tours planning to various wildlife destinations in Africa as well as in the rest of the world.

Inglorious Bustards birding and Wildlife tours with a difference: The blog is Spain-based that brings to you fantastic wildlife spectacles alongside chilled-out birding and local culture and food.

Wildlife Photography Blogs

Shivang Mehta Photography: You can follow Shivang Mehta’s wildlife adventures through this blog. If you are looking for some perspective to feel connected with nature, you can always look at the amazing clicks on this blog that captures the wildlife’s beauty.

Indian Wildlife Photography: Managed by Angad Achappa, this blog shows his love for flora and fauna that can be seen in his photography. His clicks are just out of the ordinary and amazing that you could not resist the call of jungle wildlife.

Kiran Kashyap’s Photologue: The blog makes you see the beauties of nature for you to cherish for the rest of your lives. The photography presents you the lives of the wild animals and captures the moment for infinity.

Sandeep Mall: The blog is personification of the power of nature, shown through Sandeep’s photography. It allows you to become companion in his journey of wildlife photography where he clicks away all his troubles.

Talat Khalid: Talat is the photographer and bloggers of this blog who loves wildlife to no end. He also organizes wildlife photography tours and workshops that give you the best opportunity to gain experience from a professional.

Rahul Parkeh Wildlife: Rahul Parekh, the artists and blogger is putting towards his experience through his photography and paintings for you to connect with the wild in nature. He captures and paints the wildlife in their natural habitat.

Jayanth Sharma: The blog covers some thrilling and never seen before shots of wildlife animals that amazes and inspires you to go through the live experience of the adventure. The pictures capture behavior of animals during different climate season.

Kalyan Verma: This blog was created with an aim to compel you wonder about a lot of things on wildlife. You may explore and experience about many wildlife related pictures and articles on this blog.

Sandesh Kadur: Visit Sandesh’s blog to get surprised by seeing the kind of photographs he has made out of the nature. His immense expertise in the Western Ghats and the Himalayas are evident through his photography skills that leave you aw-struck everytime.

Shekhar Dattatri: Famous for his wildlife photography, Shekhar Dattatri has really established his name in the field. His blog shows his photography and videography skills with stories behind those great pieces.

Sudhir Shivaram: Counted among India’s top wildlife photographers, Sudhir has taken his wildlife photography skills to extra ordinary level. His blog shows why he is known to be the most “ethical” wildlife photographers in the industry.

Sunjoy Monga: Sunjoy is a writer, columnist, photographer and blogger. His blog covers his renowned wildlife photography, his environmental awareness drives and columns on various wildlife topics.

Shaaz Jung: His blog inspires many to take up wildlife photography. The blog covers his many out of ordinary works and is filled with amazing photography with a description part that perfectly describes the story in few lines.

Journey of Joy: Managed by Vijay Cavale, this blog presents you with excellent wildlife photography described with stories. The blog provides tits bits for anyone interested in traveling to the destination.

Richard Peters: He is one of the finest wildlife photographers of UK. His blog contains the beauty of pristine nature and provides hints and tips to take phenomenal photographs, and updates on the best gear.

Arjun Anand: His blog features with wildlife photography, wildlife prints, nature photography, art, art photography and fine art photography.

Elliot Neep: Elliot Neep on his blog provides you with the photographs of all iconic wildlife hotspots he has travelled across the world. He wastes no time in capturing the wild beauty in its natural habitat.

Peter Cairns: Peter’s Northshots blog presents you with unbelievable landscape photographs and best wildlife photography. Your visit to his blog with vivid pictures makes you go live out in there in wild.

Andy Rouse: Being one of the most influential wildlife photographers, he presents on his blog images from the lives of wild animals and birds with a different perspective that makes you feel more connected to the nature.

Danny Green: Green’s website contains some of the spectacular wildlife photographs, along with information of the various tours and workshops he organizes. His love for the natural world can be seen on his blog.

Tall tales long Lenses: The blog presents you pictures of Canadian Rockies, the windswept highlands of Irelands and the Yellowstone backwoods that can even make a homeless man feel like a millionaire.

John E Marriott’s Wildlife Photography Blog: This blog is managed by a Canadian wildlife and nature photographer that shares photographic advice, tall tales, and beautiful pictures from his photography adventures in the Canadian wilds and beyond.

Craig Jones: He is dedicated to promote wildlife conservation awareness through his excellently captured photographs in Jungle. Visit his wildlife blog to experience the beautiful things this planet has to offer.

Christopher Dodds: The pictures shown on his blog try to capture an unobtrusive, close and intimate view of the wildlife in their natural habitats.

Carl Bovis Nature Photography: The blog is managed by Carl Bovis, a nature photographer from England. His blog features mainly with digital photography of varieties of bird in the world.

Orca Watcher: The blog features with the wildlife photography of Monika Wieland Shields. The main subjects of the blog are orcas and birds.

Joshua Holko Photography: Managed by Joshua, a full-time professional landscape, nature and wildlife photographer, his blog features workshops and expeditions for other photographs and travelers to world’s wildest and remotest regions.

Show Me Nature Photography: Show Me Nature Photography is wildlife and nature photography blog managed by wildlife photographer Jim Braswell. The blog features with pictures of birds, mammals and landscapes of the Western United.

Howie’s Wildlife Images: This wildlife photographic blog features with wildlife images with use of ‘popular science’ approach to relay interesting facts about the wildlife and anecdotal stories. The idea behind the blog is to generate a fascination in wildlife in readers.

Wildlife Art Blogs

The Robert E Fuller Blog: The first noticeable thing about the blog is that the color scheme and layout is as wildlife as wildlife can possibly get. The blog’s content managed by Robert fuller will surely turn you into a fan.

Lachri Fine Art: The blog features with painting realistic wildlife pictures with acrylics or oil paints, drawing, colored pencil and graphite. The blog motivates you to design art and grow as an artist.

Alan M Hunt Wildlife Artist: Paintings of hundreds of images of animals, birds, big cats and wildlife from all over the world. Alan M Hunt paints wildlife in an attempt to create painting of unparalleled photo-realism.

Heidi Willis Blog: Managed by the true earthen artist, the blog provides you with botanical illustrations and realistic water-color painting giving bird illustrations or other wildlife illsutration.

Wildlife Conservation Blogs

Global Wildlife Conservation: The blog has everything you need to learn, explore and participate in the conservation of species and their habitat spaces. You may visit the blog to get more detailed information on wildlife conservation.

Conservation Action Trust: The goal is to save and protect specifically identified species of flora and fauna from extinction. They aim to foster awareness and bring greater public support of vital conservation and environmental issues.

Mongabay: This is a non-profit platform of conservation and environmental news that produces original reporting about wildlife, oceans, forests and the conservation sector.

The Wildlife Society: The blog works toward lasting solution about conservation of wildlife along with providing extensive information and new perspectives. The blog proactively features news and articles related to wildlife conservation.

Wildlife ACT: This Africa based wildlife blog offers you to volunteer and experience real wildlife conservation in Africa. If you are looking for some wildlife volunteering, pay visit to the blog.

Defenders of Wildlife: The blog actually takes and makes a stand to conserve wildlife. This blog is practically one of the world’s strongest defenses against wildlife threat and abuses, truly a resource that choose to take stand for nature.

National Wildlife Refuge Association: The blog aims to provide the conservation of American wildlife for future generations. They seek to protect, enhance the wildlife habitats beyond its boundaries that secure its ecologic integrity.

Wildlife Rescue Blogs

Secret World Wildlife Rescue: The blog works towards rescue, rehabilitation and release of rescued animals to go back the area they were found. They seek to provide safety for animal welfare.

WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organization: You can read on the blog about the WIRES native animal rescue and care stories with updates on WIRES close works with wildlife.

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